May 6, 2011

lecture 9 assignment

1. Do you think that your answers are similar or different from most Americans? In what ways are they similar, and different?

I honestly have no idea how my answers compare to the average American to be quite honest.

2. Which questions do you think would be the most helpful if one was using market research to design new paintings for sale? What questions would you ask differently, or leave out entirely?

I don't think it matters really. The majority of sales of paintings is done through the high art world. The people who buy paintings already have a culture built around them of what appeals to them. I guess the ones talking about the content of the painting, size of the painting, and cost the person is willing to spend. In some instances I could only choose one of two options when both options actually appealed to me. I would let you choose both if you desired.

3. Would this work? Why or why not?

I believe if followed too closely it would lead to stagnation. For something creative like paintings, focus testing eventually leads to a sterile product. There is room for all different kinds of paintings and styles, and at the end of the day people really don't know what they want.

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